National Audubon Society Responsive Design Gift Catalog

The Situation

National Audubon Society members and potential donors are passionate about birds and have memories from throughout their lives of birding — especially their first time seeing specific birds. The organization wanted something new to capture new and past donors and encourage them to share their passion of birding by “adopting” a bird and giving the gift of Audubon membership.

The Solution

The Engage Group created a responsive design online gift catalog for Audubon’s end of year campaign. The content on the gift catalog site leveraged that passion with large images and used compelling storytelling copy to connect members with their own memories. The gift catalog encouraged visitors to share their passion of birding with others by “adopting” a bird and giving the gift of Audubon membership. Sixteen iconic birds were chosen for the launch, four from each geographic region (or flyway) in the United States. The audience for the gift catalog included current Audubon members that receive the National Audubon Society magazine, email subscribers to the Audubon’s email list, fans of the Audubon Society’s Facebook page, and others who found the gift catalog through online searches. The campaign responded to the type of device the potential donor was using to optimize performance and results.

The Results

For the holiday season (between November 15 – December 31), over 1300 birds were adopted. Over 25% of the online gifts purchased were from new donors. Aditionally, Audubon has continued to use the gift catalog in other holiday fundraising efforts – including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

The Engage Group is proud to announce this gift catalog earned a 2013 Silver MAXI (Marketing Award for eXcellence & Innovation) by the Direct Marketing Association of Washington!