Defenders of Wildlife Adoption Catalog

The Situation

In July of 2013 The Engage Group was asked to redesign the Defenders of Wildlife’s current Adoption Center. The online adoption center redesign goals were to include an exceptionally clear buying process, increase adoptions over 2012, improve both credibility and brand through design, and launch by October for a strong year-end fundraising effort.

The Solution

In the past, the online adoption center, while it worked well, was not responsive and therefore could not easily capitalize on the ever-growing trend of donor transactions on mobile and tablet devices. The Engage Group redesigned and implemented responsive design best practices to create a seamless and quick adoption process for all users across all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile).

The redesign included large images and compelling storytelling copy to connect users with the animals they are adopting. The content of the online adoption center website leveraged the passion of Defenders of Wildlife’s constituents and prospective donors. The redesign incorporated a new navigation algorithm to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for by viewing the adoption options by price and animal in a grid or list view. The adoption center also incorporated social media shares on the main adoption page, individual animal adoption pages, adoption thank you pages and thank you emails to encourage donors to share their Defenders of Wildlife adoption with their social networks.

The old adoption center was built on outdated code, which made it difficult to update — including adding new animals for adoption and new premiums. The new designed utilized the latest versions of HTML & CSS coding to make it easier for the Defenders staff to update when new products are added.

The Results

Defenders of Wildlife launched their new and improved online adoption center on schedule in October 2013, well in advance of the end-of-year donation crunch. The new adoption center’s results were evaluated from November 1 through December 31, 2013 and a comparison was made to 2012 for total revenue and average gift.

For year-end 2013, 19,867 animals were adopted by 12,598 donors raising a 7.24% increase in revenue over 2012. The average gift increased 8.38% from 2012. Of the 12,598 donors, 28% of them were new donors to the organization!