Grow Your Email List Using Text Messaging – Webinar Report

A few weeks ago, Justin Mastrangelo and DJ Waldow presented a great webinar on using Text Messaging / SMS to find new subscribers and grow your email list. Justin has many years developing mobile marketing programs, and DJ is an expert on email marketing.

While some nonprofits have tested giving via mobile codes, the high fees (sometimes as much as 50% of the donation) and the lack of information passed on about the subscriber makes it a less than ideal donation channel. However, getting people to opt-in to your email lists via text messaging and then presenting them with a special welcome series is a great way to get them in to the marketing funnel.

Introducing mobile opt-in to your marketing mix is a best practice, especially if you want more millennial involved with your nonprofit. 77% of millennials own smartphones that can receive both texts and emails. For many, this is their main communication device.

A couple of highlights from the webinar with Justin & DJ:

  • Be smart about SMS and when you’re offering SMS opportunities. Do you have a venue that attracts a lot of foot traffic? Put a sign in your window that encourages people to text you for more information. Even when your venue is closed, the sign can attract new signups.
  • Are you running an ad on TV or the radio about your organization? Encourage people to send a quick text to get more information. This is a better opportunity to get them on your list vs. sending them to your home page — encourage them to take an immediate action.
  • If you are doing a giveaway, make sure it is something related to your organization. Don’t give away something like an iPad where everyone is going to sign up to win but may not be interested in your mission. Find something that resonates with the people your organization is trying to attract.
  • Make sure to send the welcome email quickly. Many programs — Salsa, Convio, etc. — allow you to have pre-set welcome series that are automatically sent to any new supporter added to the database. Getting these messages out as soon as possible increases conversions. If you wait too long to send the welcome email, the potential supporter might forget what they signed up for and look at your message as spam.
  • Also, think about the length of your welcome email. Especially if they signed up via text, most people are going to be viewing this message on their smartphone. Is it readable? Does it load quickly? Are you encouraging potential supporters to get involved?

A lot of other great information was discussed in the webinar. You can view the slides on Slideshare or you can watch the recorded webinar on YouTube.

Do you need help optimizing your emails and donation forms for mobile giving? The Engage Group can help. Email us to get started.

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