Cool Tool Tuesday: How to Increase your Email Open and Click-through Rates

Can the recipient open it? Will they open it? Can they view it? Will they click something? Will they find it interesting? Will they just delete it? Will it go to SPAM?

These are all questions every organization is asking, or should be asking when creating and sending an email campaign. In most situations, the engagement level of a sent email indicates the success of the campaign. When email open and click-through rates increase, donor involvement also increases.

First, get inspired by the Responsys 2012 Email Design Look Book. This compilation of new and creative email designs shows great examples of organizations taking advantage of current trends to increase engagement rates.

The email designs in the Look Book:

  • Match subscribers’ on-the-go lifestyle with mobile emails
  • Deliver delight with animation and novel design formats
  • Connect one-to-one with personalized content
  • Contact subscribers when they are most receptive
  • Create an engaging experience when images are blocked

After looking through this Look Book, your organization will be stirred and ready to think outside the box for your next big campaign.

Once you have a fresh new email design for the next big campaign, the next step is to test the email to make sure all subscribers can view it the way you expect. Testing emails through one email platform is no longer enough. It is important to test on a program like Email on Acid, where you can see exactly how an email will render for subscribers.

Email on Acid allows you to preview what your email looks like in 68 different combinations of the most popular email clients, web browsers, and mobile devices. Your organization can also improve an email’s deliverability by testing it against 18 SPAM filters and 74 of the most common blacklist services.  Email on Acid also offers Mozify, a new feature that allows you to get your organization’s message across, even when images are blocked.

Email on Acid does have a free option, however, you can pay more to utilize all of their features. Click here for pricing information.

Feeling inspired? We’d love to help you with your next big idea. Drop us a line at 443-539-2650 or shoot us an email.


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