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How Lucky Are Your Nonprofit’s Online Fundraising Efforts?

While having a little luck o’ the Irish is helpful, effective online fundraising takes a solid plan and integration with all your organization’s communications. There are many different ways to raise funds in the online world. Here are 5 Essentials for a Solid Online Fundraising Program: A fresh website that is easy to navigate, that… Read more »

How Powerful is “Friendraising”?

There are many names for it: Social Fundraising, Event Fundraising and even “Friendraising”. All meaning the same thing – Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. In five years the revenue from these practices has reached close to a Billion dollars! We don’t see it slowing down, do you? Check out the cool infographic from Blackbaud explaining this amazing phenomenon…. Read more »

REPORT: NTEN brings the social media goodness

Check out the new report from NTEN and others on social media benchmarking and other geeky number based goodness.  They have also scheduled a webinar to dive into the study. > Third Annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report Findings From “In this webinar, you’ll learn: Key trends in nonprofits’ use of social media and… Read more »