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What’s the New Google Grant Change? How Does it Affect Nonprofits?

What’s the New Policy Impacting Google Grants? Starting July 13th, Google is enforcing a new rule. Google is no longer allowing nonprofit grantees the option to promote more than one website domain name. Previously, Google allowed nonprofits to advertise multiple domains if all of the domain names fell under the particular nonprofit’s mission umbrella. Soon,… Read more »

How Lucky Are Your Nonprofit’s Online Fundraising Efforts?

While having a little luck o’ the Irish is helpful, effective online fundraising takes a solid plan and integration with all your organization’s communications. There are many different ways to raise funds in the online world. Here are 5 Essentials for a Solid Online Fundraising Program: A fresh website that is easy to navigate, that… Read more »

37 Must-Have Strategies to Better Engage Your Website Visitors

We had a great time at the Bridge Conference this week. The Engage Group’s Sue Anne Reed presented with Allyson Kapin from Rad Campaign and Rob Manix from Defenders of Wildlife on the 37 Must-Have Strategies to Better Engage Your Website Visitors. You can check out the slides below. Bridge Conference: 37 Must-Have Strategies to… Read more »

DC Week Here We Come!

We are really looking forward to DC WEEK. Just what is DC Week?  It’s a week long festival in the US capital focused on bringing  together designers, developers, entrepreneurs and social innovators of all kinds.  The events begin on November 4th through November 11th. It’s a series of 100’s of distributed events powered by the… Read more »