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How Lucky Are Your Nonprofit’s Online Fundraising Efforts?

While having a little luck o’ the Irish is helpful, effective online fundraising takes a solid plan and integration with all your organization’s communications. There are many different ways to raise funds in the online world. Here are 5 Essentials for a Solid Online Fundraising Program: A fresh website that is easy to navigate, that… Read more »

The Upsell Lightbox Approach

Every Nonprofit tries to answer the same important question. “How can we get donors to give to our organization every month?” Most frequent strategies include the monthly checkboxes on your donation pages and themed monthly giving options. However, how successful are these? One idea that M+R Research Labs touches on that you may not be… Read more »

Email still living large…

According to a recent study by Harte Hanks from 2009 to 2010, email is not only still surviving but growing and improving. The report shows improving delivery and bounce rates, while clickthroughs have roughly stayed at the same threshold (3%).  On the flipside, open rates decreased significally to 17%, down from 26% a year earlier…. Read more »

Presentation: Putting your website to work…

Check out the latest version of Debbie Young’s presentation for the Direct Marketing Fundraising Association’s Putting Your Website to Work for Your Direct Response Program (phew, that was a mouthful).  She totally rocked it! UPDATED: DMFA Putting your website to work for your direct response program View more presentations from The Engage Group