When Is the Best Time to Send your Email?

Do you want to get the best response rates out of your emails? Scheduling emails at the right time can greatly increase engagement with your message.

Now the question is when is your target audience most receptive to the emails you send? Considering the daily activities and geographic location of your recipients can help you send emails at the right time.

GetResponse analyzed over 21 million emails sent and determined that the top engagement times are 8:00am- 10:00am and 3:00pm – 4:00pm. However, optimizing email engagement takes a combination of using these ideal times plus, awareness of time zone differences, subscribers’ routines and the other emails they’re receiving in their Inbox.

Take a look at the GetResponse Infographic for more insight on timing emails:


Have questions about developing an email calendar or scheduling emails in Convio, Salsa, or other programs? We can help.

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