What do the Changes in the Google Grants Program mean to your Nonprofit?

As we all know, Google changes like the weather outside – frequently and sporadically. And this known fact doesn’t make any exceptions for the Google Grant Program for Nonprofits. Starting this past January 28th, Google made two significant changes to their Grants program.

The first good change is that the original $1 maximum bid has been bumped to a $2 maximum bid cap. This means that nonprofits can be more competitive with their keyword bids.

The second not so good change is that the top ad positions are no longer available for Google Grant recipients. Google stated the reasoning was “to balance the interests of businesses who pay to advertise on Google search, your ads will no appear below the ads of traditional AdWords advertisers.”

The changes will certainly affect nonprofits both small and large. Time will tell exactly how the new changes affect the positioning of nonprofit ads along with their clicks, click-through rates, conversions, etc.

If your nonprofit needs help getting started with the Google Grant program or help with maximizing your nonprofit grant’s ROI, The Engage Group can help. Let’s chat.

Image and information from Google Grants for Nonprofits

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