Three Ways to Optimize Your Online Giving for Millenials

The millennial generation is growing up and a significant portion are now out of college and working full-time jobs. They are also starting to give to nonprofits, but their giving habits differ significantly from previous generations. There are several things your nonprofit should be doing to optimize your online giving for millennials, and here are three you can start today.

Optimize your donation landing pages for mobile
In a recent study, over 80% of the surveyed millennials connect to a nonprofit’s website with their smartphone. They want to be able to access information and donate directly from their phones without having to use a regular computer and web browser.

Inspire millennials with a reason to give — at lower donation levels
Most millennials surveyed gave to at least five different organizations in 2011, but their gifts were under $100 and most were in the $10-25 range. This generation of young people want to feel inspired and that will encourage them to give. Are you making it clear on your donation forms where the donation is headed and how it will make an impact? Are you using custom donation forms when you communicate with potential donors? Most donation systems now make it easy to set up multiple donation forms using your organization’s branding.

Make it easy for donors to share your information after they give
Millenials give to organizations after learning about them from their friends and family — usually via social networks and email. Nonprofits should include buttons and other easy ways to share on the confirmation page and with any thank you emails. 70% of millennials want to help the causes they care about raise money online, and they’re willing to encourage their friends and family to give.

The Engage Group can help you — whether it’s designing a mobile-friendly donation form; helping you create custom donation landing pages on Convio, Blackbaud, Kintera, or Salsa; or adding social sharing to your online giving. Send us an email and we can get started.

Photo credit: Sterling College

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