How To Get a Celebrity to Retweet Your Tweet

celebrity retweetGaining exposure on Twitter is hard and getting a celebrity to retweet a post for your cause is the holy grail. You might only have a few thousand followers, but that celebrity tweet could expose your cause to hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of people. And, the tweet may even generate additional exposure in the press.

So, how do you get your tweet retweeted?

Follow these steps to get your tweet retweeted:

    • Do your research. Celebrities, especially those with very high follower counts, are inundated with requests to “Please retweet”. Find out what topics the celebrity tweets about and whether or not that meshes with your cause. Ian Somerhalder has 2.2 million followers, and he often retweets posts of others. But, if it’s not about animals or the environment, it’s unlikely to get his attention. The same can be said for almost every celebrity on Twitter. They are people too — make sure you find out what causes they are passionate about first.
    • Engage before the ask. There are many ways to engage a celebrity before asking them to retweet a post. Build a relationship with them. While people with millions of followers don’t often have time to respond to every tweet they receive, they do read them. They also notice who is retweeting their posts on issues they care about. Take the time to do a few retweets of your own and talk to them like you would other non-celebrities on Twitter. It will go a long way to showing them that there is a human behind your cause.
    • Be prepared. Is your server ready to handle the traffic if the tweet goes viral? There’s nothing worse than getting the exposure, but not being able to capitalize on it due to poor planning. Also, think about the landing page people will hit after the tweet. Unless the cause is extremely compelling, people are not going to want to make a donation if this is the first time they’ve heard about your organization, but this would be a great time to point them to a pledge or an email sign-up form to get their information and engage with them again.
    • Don’t put all your eggs in one celebrity basket. While getting a tweet from a celebrity is great, it should be considered a bonus and never the end goal of any strategic plan. Who else are you working to engage on Twitter? Try to find people with 10k-20k followers who are talking about your cause. You might find that engaging with those “influencers” is more valuable than chasing the holy grail.

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