Free Tech Tools for Year-End Success

Fixing Code + Testing all Browsers + Making it Secure + Testing Responsive Design = Year-End Success

With year-end fundraising knocking at the door, it’s important to have a stable website that is secure and works seamlessly across all browsers and platforms. We’ve put together a few tools we use everyday for our clients that are important for getting the job done and making sure everything works the way it should.

First, fixing the code.

JS Bin is a free Javascript, HTML and CSS playground web app that allows anyone a place to experiment, learn or troubleshoot their web design work. Building a website or an email? This is a great tool for fiddling around with snippets of code within enough context to debug code collaboratively. With JS Bin you can save and send a URL to a peer for review and/or help. Team work makes the dream work, right?!

Second, getting the website testing on.

Browserstack is a web tool that gives you access to all mobile and desktop browsers in one place. It’s easy. Just paste a live URL and see live tests of your website across all browsers. Want to show someone else exactly how your website looks and works on an Apple iPad Mini, but no one in the office has one to test it on? Browserstack will fix that problem. Live test and send screenshots of exactly what browser you need in no time! Unfortunately all of this awesome live testing comes at a cost.

Third, making it secure!

Why No Padlock is a free web tool that’s great for figuring out why in the world your secure page is not fully secure. Simply paste the URL to the webpage you wish to be fully secure and Why No Padlock will report any insecure calls to images CSS, and javascript, images called insecurely from linked CSS and javascript files, and expired certificate, invalid or missing intermediate certificate including 3rd party SSL certificates. This tool takes away the frustration of trying to figure out why the heck your website isn’t secure. Phew.

Lastly, working that Responsive Design.

Responsive Design Bookmarklet is a free web bookmark tool that allows you to preview your live responsive website across different device screen sizes. All you have to do is add the RWD Bookmarklet to your bookmarks, browse to the website you want to preview, and then click the bookmark. Your website will then have the RWD Bookmarklet menu that includes desktop, tablet, and mobile device sizes to test. It might be a good idea to use Chrome, Safari or Firefox for this nifty tool.

By using these tools, your organization will be on it’s way to a well tested, responsive and secure website.  Which are crucial for your year-end fundraising efforts. Need some help getting started with these tools? We’d love to share our expertise. Drop us a line.

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