Email Checklists: A good checklist goes a long way in email marketing

Mistakes happen, but they happen a lot less if a good checklist is a part of your process for sending email campaigns.


The Engage Group implements a customized checklist for each client’s projects, but here‘s a general version you can start with to build your own pre-send email checklist.

Learn more about minimizing direct marketing mistakes in this session presented at the 2014 Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference – Oh %@*#***! The When, the If and the How to Deal with Direct Marketing Mishaps.

The Engage Group’s Debbie Young and PMG‘s Meg Ferguson will join Danielle Green from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Erin Monfort from Catholic Relief Services to share examples of how to prevent and recover from mistakes that happen in print and email.

Also, don’t miss The Engage Group’s Sean Powell, who will be moderating I Love the Smell of Successful Online Fundraising in the Morning… along with Laura Durington from Catholic Relief Services and Patrick Frame from Key Acquisition Partners.

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