Cool Tool Tuesday: Two Tools to Help your Nonprofit Communicate

Cool Tool Tuesday – Highlighting different Internet and social media tools to make your life easier



Spreecast is an application that takes Skype to another level. This app allows multiple people to be in the same conversation for live chat. Writers, celebrities, and bands participate in the live chats and users have the chance to interact and join the conversation. Of course, this app also includes text chat and on-screen questions for the participants to respond to. Videos can be recorded for easy sharing and instant feedback.

How can this help you? Spreecast makes it easy to reconnect with friends, family, and professionals across the world. Use it to host your own webinars or meet new people online. The opportunities are endless.

How can this help your organization? Think about how a celebrity or band could help promote your cause. Starting conversations on Spreecast about your cause can spread awareness and continue conversation to help solve problems. Spreecast can also be used internally for your organization, making international meetings a breeze. Another way nonprofits could benefit from it would be to hold an event and raise money for the cause. Something like Spreecast would allow that event to have a much larger reach and potentially raise a lot of money vs. an event held locally.

Is there a fee? Spreecast is a free service. However, finding a celebrity to be on your Spreecast might require some dough.


Google+ Hangout

Want to hangout with colleagues, friends, or a new business partner? Google+ Hangout is just the place. The application is located on the account sidebar when logged in to a Google+ account. You can create your own, join an existing, or watch a broadcasted Hangout.  Within the hangout you can video chat up to 9 people while having the option to watch videos, edit documents, and play.

How can this help you? The days of flying across country to meet with someone face-to-face are over. Now all you need is a computer with a camera and microphone and it’s like you’re in the same room with whomever you please, whenever you please. Want to walk someone through a tutorial of how to do something? Google+ Hangout can be the place to do it.

How can this help your organization? Virtual meetings will cut travel costs and save time. Instead of having a document revised by multiple different people and one person receiving multiple copies with different edits, your organization can now congregate employee opinions by opening a document and editing it together in real time. Similar to Spreecast, your organization can invite celebrities to broadcast Hangouts to support a cause.

Is there a fee? There is no fee for Google+ Hangouts. However if you want to dial someone’s telephone in during a Hangout, calls to the US and Canada are free while international rates are very low.


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