Cool Tool Tuesday: 2 Tools to Help Organize your Nonprofit

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Evernote is an application that allows you to save any information (i.e. a website, business card, notes, to-do list, etc.) and organize it into different categories. This information can be shared among the user’s different computers, phones, tablets, and other Evernote users, if desired.

How can this help you? Whenever something is saved in this application, all of the devices connected with the user automatically update. This is great for people that are constantly on the go and need to keep themselves and their organizations updated. Evernote can also be a great way to save contacts. Simply snap a shot of the business cards you gather, and then search for their name or company when you need their information.

How can this help your organization? To-do lists, business cards, agendas, campaign ideas, and meeting minutes are just a couple of things that can be useful for your organization to share on Evernote. All information can be categorized making it easy to have separate space for different campaigns, events, or departments. Instant updates will keep everyone in the loop and on track.



Remember filing all of your reports and documents in a three-ring binder and having everything related to the same subject in one place? Taking the time to organize them by date and category? Well, that is the same logic behind LiveBinders – a virtual three-ring binder that makes it very easy to organize and share information. You can include websites, pictures and documents.

How can this help you? Scanning all of your paper documents and putting them in LiveBinders can save space and time. All of your documents will be organized and ready to share with anyone at anytime. You can also include websites and screen shots so you can integrate paper documents with online documents in a breeze.

How can this help your organization? Keep organized by making a LiveBinder for your campaigns or events. It is an easy way to clump together information to send to a client or donor to update them or share useful resources. This can even be a great place to put your employee handbooks and other administrative resources or all of your notes and handouts from a workshop or conference. You can now share all of your information with whomever you please without pressing the print button once.


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