Cool Tool Tuesday: 2 Tools to Help you Showcase your Nonprofit’s Cause

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Instagram is a mobile application that makes every photo look like a professionally edited piece of art. Simply snap a photo, pick one of several gorgeous effects and upload. It’s a breeze to upload to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr while including other Instagram users, location, and tags in your captions.

How can this help you? Instagram is fun for anyone! Its simple interface makes it appealing to edit your photos on the go and share with your friends. A picture’s worth a thousand words so let your photographs do the talking on Instagram.

How can this help your nonprofit? Instagram turns simple mobile photos into sharable works of art that make your nonprofit shine. Take real-time photographs and upload them on behalf of your organization so supporters that can’t make your events can grasp the experience and the importance of the cause. Use your nonprofit’s employees to be cause ambassadors and post photos of what your nonprofit is doing.

Is there a fee? There is no fee for Instagram. However, you need a smartphone to upload photos to the application. There are also easy to install widgets for WordPress, Facebook and Tumblr to share those photos with a wide audience.



Flickr is a platform for uploading, sharing and discovering photographs from all over the world. It takes less than a minute to create an account and you can sign in with your Facebook or Google account. Once you start uploading photographs, you can include descriptions like titles, tags, locations, and people to make the photo more identifiable.

How can this help you? If you are someone who likes to share your experiences through pictures, Flickr is an awesome place to showcase them. Once your photos are uploaded, you can share them with other Flickr users, email contacts, Facebook friends, Twitter, followers and fellow bloggers. Want to keep some of your pictures out of sight from your mother but readily available for your friends? Flickr’s privacy controls make it easy to distinguish who can see what.

How can this help your nonprofit? Donors love to see how their money is being put to use, and this is a great place to start. A Flickr account for your organization is a great place to share success stories and event photographs with all of your supporters. Flickr can also be a great place to increase user engagement through photo contests.  Start by announcing a contest where users must include a universal tag (#Nonprofitabc2012) — whichever photo gets the most favorites or comments with the tag wins a prize. A group on Flickr can also be a great place to ask supporters to upload their event or cause photographs. Crowdsourcing photo uploads will increase the amount of content your organization can provide and get people excited in helping your organization.

Is there a fee? The basic level of Flickr is free. However, if you want to have unlimited uploads, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and access to your original files, you will want to upgrade to Flickr pro for a small fee: 3 months for $6.95, 1 year for $24.95, or 2 years for $44.95.


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