2 Tools for Nonprofit Website Testing

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Google LinkChecker

Does your nonprofit have problems with parts of your website? After trying everything, some things just still won’t work? Images won’t load? Error pages pop up and you can’t figure out why?

With Google LinkChecker, your problems are on their way to being solved! This Java application calculates the health of your webpage by validating all of the links on it. Google’s LinkChecker application takes in your website page URL and scans it for all of the elements which point to other URLs, images, files, etc. The links are then scanned and dumped into two buckets – ‘good’ or ‘broken’ links.

How does this help your Nonprofit? This application will save your nonprofit’s online division time and headaches. Instead of manually going through the website and clicking on each link to check that it works, Google LinkChecker will do the work for you.

Is there a fee? No, keep that money in your wallet!


Google PageSpeed Insights

Does your nonprofit’s website take a while to load? Do you want consultation on how to make it load faster? Don’t know where to start?

Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page and generates a suggestion summary with tips to make the page faster.  Your website will receive a PageSpeed Score out of 100 along with suggestions. The suggestions are categorized into High priority, Medium priority, Low priority, Experimental rules, and Already done.

How does this help your Nonprofit? Google PageSpeed Insights make it easy for someone who isn’t an expert website designer to locate and fix problems with loading times. The user experience will be much more enjoyable after making the necessary changes to make your Nonprofit’s website faster.

Is there a fee? Nope. More money for your mission!


Need help utilizing any of these tools? The Engage Group can help. Drop us a line.

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