Help Our Wounded

Help Our Wounded (HOW) is an organization that helps caregivers of wounded military with the emotional and medical demands of caring for wounded military.  In addtion the organization helps those families navigate the complex and changing world of military resources.  

HOW acts as a mentor, support system and knowledgeable resource to caregivers and wounded veterans.  HOW provides accurate and actionable information and guidance based on the collective experience of those who have already worked within the system for many years and know where to go, what to do, who to ask and HOW to ask.

  • DoD and VA tips and knowledge
  • Financial assistance
  • Caregiver Coach training and matching
  • Emergency Phone Cards
  • Advocacy to the military and elected officials to keep veteran’s needs front and center
  • Education to civic and military groups to bridge the gap between government benefits and the veteran’s needs

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