The one thing you can do to today to help increase online donations for year-end

It’s December 10th and you have exactly 21 days to get as many donations as possible before the end of 2013.

What’s the one thing your organization can do to help increase those donations?

Add a lightbox to your homepage.

Lightboxes, also known as popups, are a great way to immediately let your website visitors know what you want them to do. And, for the next three weeks, you want them to make an end-of-year donation.

While lightboxes can be very advanced and allow your donors to submit all of their information on one screen without going to a new page, they can also be very simple with an image that links directly to your donation page.

If you need help setting up your lightbox on your home page, The Engage Group can help. We’ve set up lightboxes on many platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, Convio Luminate, Salsa and many other platforms. Send us an email and we’ll get started on your lightbox today.


Audubon Lightbox

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