REPORT: 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report

When you get a break, check out the new study from Target Analytics on multichannel giving.  It provides a nice illustration of the challenges nonprofits are facing with fundraising online and off — and getting both of those channels to harmoniously work together.

Some of the larger points taken from the study’s webpage:

  • It has become increasingly common for new donors to give their first gift online.
  • In aggregate, online-acquired donors have much higher cumulative value over the long term than traditional mail-acquired donors.
  • Every year, large proportions of online-acquired donors switch from online giving to offline sources – primarily to direct mail.
  • Without the ability to become multichannel givers by renewing support via direct mail, online donors would be worth far less.

For a great point/counter point read, check out this scathing article from Roger Craver over at The Agitator.  He puts the results in perspective and warns that figuring out the “multichannel integration challenge” will be key to success, or failure.

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