Online Fundraising Takes A Lot More Than Luck

While having a little luck o’ the Irish is helpful, effective online fundraising takes a solid plan and integration with all your organization’s communications.  There are many different ways to raise funds in the online world.

Here are 6 Essentials for a Solid Online Fundraising Program:online fundraising

1.  A fresh website that is easy to navigate, that adheres to best practices, and designed thoughtfully to address the different audiences you reach.

2.  Payment processing that integrates with your existing site and gives you the reports to evaluate results.

3.  Online appeals that connect donors to your site and your social media.

4.  A social media schedule and message that supports your mission.

5.  Google Adword campaigns that turns traffic into friends and donors.

6.  Online appeals that work in conjunction with your mailing schedule.

The Engage Group can help you overcome all the technical obstacles to get your fundraising online successfully.  Whether it’s connecting your merchant account, redesigning your website, sending out an email, setting up Google Adwords, launching a mobile giving campaign or anything else online – we can help.   We’d feel lucky to be considered a part of your team.

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