NTEN-Don’t Let Bad Email Code Ruin Your Day or Your Results

So, you’ve entered your fancy email into your WYSIWYG, or if you’re savvy enough you did it all in code. The email goes through the normal channels, is proofed by seemingly 25 stakeholders, it gets approved and it looks phenomenal! You hit send and wait for the magic to begin. Across the country, someone in Wichita, Kansas opens your email in Outlook 2010 and is baffled because it looks like a mess. 

What happened? 

Sean Powell from The Engage Group along with Shana Masterson of the National Brain Tumor Society will share with you ways to get your message out so it looks and delivers just like you planned.  Very cool tools, tips and code snippets you can use when you get back to the office. 

See you at NTEN’s conference.

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