New Study Provides Benchmarks for Email Marketing Open and Click Through Rates

If you’re a nonprofit marketing manager in charge of email, you definitely want to check out the new study from Silverpop. Compared to other benchmark studies, one highlight of this study is they are not only providing the average statistics, but also providing the median and top- and bottom-performing quartile. You can not only compare your results to the average, but also to how the best (and the worst) are doing.

The new study analyzed messages sent by over 1,100 brands in 20 countries. They measured benchmarks across a wide range of industries, including nonprofits, computer software, education, healthcare, and several others.

While the new study did not compare results with previous studies, MarketingLand compared the results to a similar 2009 study and found that open rates had decreased while click-through rates had increased.

Some highlights of the report related to nonprofits:

  • Average open rate for nonprofits is 21.2%; some nonprofits are seeing open rates as high as 31.9%.
  • Average click-through rate for nonprofits is 5.4%; and constituents that click through click on 1.47 links on average.
  • Nonprofits are seeing an average unsubscribe rate of 0.10%. This was the lowest of any industry measured by the Silverpop study.
  • Message size and length does not currently seem to be having an impact on deliverability, open rates, or click-through results. Although Silverpop mentions in the report that they expect message size to become more of a factor as people move away from reading emails on their desktops to reading emails on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

If you’re a nonprofit that also fits in to one of the other categories measured (education, media & publishing, healthcare, etc.), it would also be worthwhile to benchmark your email results with those mentioned in the study.

If your email marketing program is falling below the benchmarks, our email experts at The Engage Group are ready to help. We can assist with email marketing on Convio, Salsa, Sphere, and many other programs. Email us to get started.

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