Mobile is Growing – Is your Nonprofit Ready?

Mobile email and web is beginning to dominate the marketing channels in today’s society. Think about the last time you got an email on your phone. Did you wait to open it until you got to a computer or did you open it right then and there? Chances are you opened it right where you were at that moment – on your mobile phone or tablet.

According to the Knotice Mobile Email Opens Report, 41% of emails were opened from a mobile phone or tablet in the second half of 2012. This percentage has grown quarter over quarter and is projected to continue to grow. Knotice projects that by the end of 2013, a majority (over 50%) of emails will be opened on a mobile device or tablet.

Now the next question – when you opened that email on your smartphone, how was the experience? Did you get directed to a mobile friendly landing page? Or was the email and website hard to navigate? These factors most likely determined whether or not you decided to make a donation or a purchase, or leave the website.

With the growth of smartphone and tablet usage, mobile traffic on websites is also increasing. Now more than ever is the time for nonprofit’s websites to offer one of the three mobile choices – responsive design, mobile website, or a mobile app. With the choice that fits your nonprofit’s goal(s), your mobile audience can easily engage with your nonprofit, make a donation, and support your nonprofit’s cause.

RightMix Marketing breaks down the trends and options for Mobile optimization in the following infographic:

Does your nonprofit need help with mobile web optimization? Do you need templates or landing pages built in Convio, Salsa, Blackbaud NetCommunity or other platforms? Drop us a line and let us show you how The Engage Group can help.

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