Is Your Website Engaging Visitors? Tip #31

Hand on mouseA website visitor must be engaged and/or find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible after arriving at your site or landing page.  There are many ways you can engage visitors once they arrive at your website.  Most are just small items that can turn a site visitor into a loyal supporter, but you must set it up so that it’s inviting and easy for your visitor to engage, sign-up and donate.

Often, a landing page is the first experience your visitor will have with your site or perhaps your organization, so we thought we’d share Tip #31 from our Bridge session, 37 Must-Have Strategies to Better Engage Your Website Visitors. 


TIP #31

Remove navigation from landing pages to keep visitors focused on the purpose of their visit, which is the content on your landing page.  You want them to take the desired action, not venture into your site and forget why they got there in the first place.


There are 36 more tips about everything related to your site:  sign-up forms, links, donate buttons, multi-media, navigation, placement of key information and much more that we’re anxious to share.  We do hope you’ll join our very own Sue Anne Reed and fellow panelists Rob Manix from Defenders of Wildlife and Allyson Kapin from Rad Campaign.  During this session, we’ll reveal our must-have strategies for creating a truly engaging website.

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