Down-To-The-Wire, Year-End Email Campaign Timeline

Given the fact that 40% of online gifts are made in December and 40-60% of those are made the last two days of the year, we thought we’d share our suggested timeline and general plan to help you formulate your Down To the Wire, Year-End Online Campaign.

Boost 2011 Online Year End Giving with this Campaign Time Line

December 20-21

Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, so we recommend an email on December 20 or 21 that shares a compelling story about who/what your organization has helped, advanced, saved, nourished, prevented, etc. along with a strong ask, of course. If you have a “gift membership” or “in honor of” donation option, don’t forget to include that in the email.

December 28-30
Remind people of the tax benefits of giving with a brief recap of your accomplishments of 2011. This should be a strong ask.

December 31st
This is it – your donor’s last chance to make that tax deductible donation and you want to remind them of this fact. Consider “last chance” wording in the subject line. It is this final day of the year that they can do anything to offset any taxes – and you want your organization to be top of mind.  Be sure your email is delivered into inboxes in the morning so they have time to act before ringing in the New Year.

This simple 3-part Down to The Wire, Year-End Online Campaign timeline will help you capture many of those gifts made the last few days of the year.

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