Don’t let Cinco de Mayo Block Your Message

On May 5th each year residents primarily from the state of Puebla, Mexico, who commemorate the Mexican army’s AMAZING victory at the Battle of Puebla, join millions of Americans to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride.  Cinco de Mayo as it is referred to in the United States is not the celebration of MEXICO’S INDEPENDENCE which is September 16th, but their winning of the battle against the French forces in 1862 to remain free. CLICK the link below for more information as seen on the television special about Cinco de Mayo.

Although the origins of Cinco de Mayo can be informational, if this was part of your newsletter it would most likely send your message into a spam filter and jeopardize your ability to reach your intended audience.  The underlined words are all triggers that spam filters look for in each message that you send.   Here are 5 ways to ensure that your message gets through.

1.  Avoid using all caps and trigger words. Spam filters award points for each occurrence of a “spam phrase” or word.  One word by itself may not block your email, but several words can add up.  There are lists of hundreds of words and phrases that spam filters search for.  Here are a few of the most common:

Free, Click, Congratulations

Special Promotion, Dear Friend

Winner, Profits, As seen on

2.  Test your email. After you have completed the draft of your email or newsletter run it through a spam filter or spam checker to make sure the message will be received.

3.  Make sure that it is easy to unsubscribe. Give your recipients the ability to unsubscribe or change the settings on their subscriptions.

4. Send only to your opt in list. Spam rules do not allow you to add names to subscriber lists without having the recipients’ permission.   To prevent spammers from registering for your newsletter, send each new list member an email with a link where they can verify their subscription.

5. Most Important -choose a reputable  newsletter service provider. In addition to providing professional looking templates, newsletter service providers help prevent your email from being labeled spam by providing resources to verify subscribers and test your message for spam triggers.   Email providers like AOL, Hotmail, Gmail and a few others have a list of newsletter providers that are protected from blockage.  Research them to make sure the service you choose is on the “whitelist”.

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