DMAW July EdVent – A Marketing Revolution is on the way!

On July 18th at the SEIU Conference Center, the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW) will be holding a night of cocktails and conversation around “The Contextual Marketing Revolution.”

Geoff Livingston, an author and nonprofit marketing strategist, will discuss the latest in augmented reality, including Google Glass. His cutting edge presentation will discuss the basics of augmented reality along with the role in marketing it will have, along with how to make it work. In addition, Geoff will provide insight on the following topics:

  • New computer technology – Google Glass, Apple’s watch and other wearable technology takes mobility to the next level
  • Diverse forms of media access creates cascading use of devices at customer’s whim
  • Data collected allows diverse possibilities for context in mail
  • Opt-in permission marketing is a must in these environments

Geoff has authored three marketing books, organized the first Give to the Max Day (an event that raised $2 million for more than 1000 nonprofits using online media tools), and advises over 10 members of the Fortune 500. Last year, Geoff presented at the DMAW Social Media Summit about the importance of all marketing and fundraising campaigns resembling a basket with many different pieces sequenced and woven together. Geoff is a down to earth, brilliant guy that has a lot to say worth listening to. More on his presentation at the Social Media Summit can be found on Danielle Hart’s DMAW guest blog post.

The Engage Group is looking forward to seeing you and hearing more from Geoff Livingston at the DMAW EdVent on The Contextual Marketing Revolution on July 18th. Hope to see you there!

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