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USPS: Fact and Fiction

What is fact and what is fiction when it comes to reports about the USPS? The USPS has been featured by the media quite a bit in recent weeks. As a mailer, it’s hard to know what is factual and what’s, well, not. Debbie Sylvester, Vice President of Sales for MailSmart Logistics will serve as a panelist on a… Read more »

We’re Determined to Make Things Better

As we’ve observed the heart-wrenching events unfolding in our country these last few weeks, we wanted to take time to reflect on how we can have the greatest impact on being a force for good in our community and beyond. As a member of the PMG Family, we’re proud to share how we’re helping to… Read more »

USPS and Our Family Still Delivering Mail

Mail Delivery Continues During Covid-19 Crisis The Engage Group continues to serve your online needs but we wanted to update you about mail if you have mail campaigns happening. The entire PMG family of companies, our partnering printers and lettershops, and the USPS remain committed to delivering mail to the American public during the Covid-19… Read more »

Coronavirus: Impacts to Your Direct Marketing

With coronavirus so much in the news, we want to assure you that The Engage Group and the PMG family is taking every possible step to ensure continued and uninterrupted support for your critical direct marketing and fundraising programs: We are fully capable of operating in a 100% remote way; both local and remote staff… Read more »

Make a Sure Bet at the 2019 Bridge Conference!

The 2019 Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference is quickly approaching. Join more than 2,500 fundraising and marketing professionals July 10-12 at the Gaylord National Hotel and Conference Center for days filled with networking, workshops, panels, and more. With the large variety of exhibitors in the Solutions Showcase, you’re sure to find new companies… Read more »

Down-To-The-Wire, Year-End Email Campaign Timeline

Given the fact that 40% of online gifts are made in December and 40-60% of those are made the last two days of the year, we thought we’d share our suggested timeline and general plan to help you formulate your Down To the Wire, Year-End Online Campaign. Boost 2011 Online Year End Giving with this Campaign… Read more »

What do people think of Spam?

When you hear the word “Spam” what is your reaction? How do you define it? The people over at Flowtown put together an awesome Infographic to illustrate just that. via Flowtown

Help Our Wounded

Help Our Wounded (HOW) is an organization that helps caregivers of wounded military with the emotional and medical demands of caring for wounded military.  In addtion the organization helps those families navigate the complex and changing world of military resources.   HOW acts as a mentor, support system and knowledgeable resource to caregivers and wounded veterans.  HOW provides… Read more »