Monthly Archives: September 2012

Flat Screen TV Winner

Congratulations to Sarah Arnett.  She dodged the cones, handled the curves, delivered the mail to the post office successfully and kept the MailSmart Logistics mail truck in one piece. Now Sarah is enjoying that flat screen TV.  We can just see her settling in to the recliner and grabbing the remote control to watch Seinfeld… Read more »

Results From Our ‘How Are You Sleeping? Survey’ | Bridge 2012

It doesn’t matter what area of fundraising your responsibility lies, fundraising means making sure many elements of a project happen at the right time and in the right manner. Whether it’s your online fundraising campaign working to support your direct mail campaign delivery time, your data being lean and mean to elicit a solid response… Read more »

Cool Tool Tuesday: Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

Does your organization spend way too much time searching for the right image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest? With this Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet from LunaMetrics, your organization will have all of the correct sizes for images at its fingertips. This Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet will save your organization plenty of… Read more »