Monthly Archives: August 2011

Still not raising enough through Social Media?

It comes as no surprise that all companies are grabbing hold tightly of the social media reigns – It’s a wild ride. Some are more incline to succeed quickly, while others are having to test different methods to get the results they’re looking for. Charities seem to fall into the second category. Most charities are… Read more »

How Powerful is “Friendraising”?

There are many names for it: Social Fundraising, Event Fundraising and even “Friendraising”. All meaning the same thing – Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. In five years the revenue from these practices has reached close to a Billion dollars! We don’t see it slowing down, do you? Check out the cool infographic from Blackbaud explaining this amazing phenomenon…. Read more »

And the winner is…

Thank you to our fellow Bridge Conference attendees for participating in The Engage Group’s “Name This Guy” contest. We had a variety of creative and um, interesting?, entries. Here are a few: Savvy Sam, Zippy, Featherhead, Sticky Bottom, Hot Green Guy, and Mr. Charlie Feathers. A special shout-out to Leslie Pulford of LDS Group, whose name… Read more »

More Benchmarks…

Our friends over at Avalon Consulting just released some interesting online fundraising benchmarks of their own and compared them with M+R and Convio’s recently released studies.  While it’s no surprise that their results are fantastic, it’s cool to see all three organizations results measured right next to each other.  It doesn’t hurt to see strong… Read more »