Monthly Archives: February 2011

NTEN-Don’t Let Bad Email Code Ruin Your Day or Your Results

So, you’ve entered your fancy email into your WYSIWYG, or if you’re savvy enough you did it all in code. The email goes through the normal channels, is proofed by seemingly 25 stakeholders, it gets approved and it looks phenomenal! You hit send and wait for the magic to begin. Across the country, someone in… Read more »

Presentation: Putting your website to work…

Check out the latest version of Debbie Young’s presentation for the Direct Marketing Fundraising Association’s Putting Your Website to Work for Your Direct Response Program (phew, that was a mouthful).  She totally rocked it! UPDATED: DMFA Putting your website to work for your direct response program View more presentations from The Engage Group

What do people think of Spam?

When you hear the word “Spam” what is your reaction? How do you define it? The people over at Flowtown put together an awesome Infographic to illustrate just that. via Flowtown

DMA Nonprofit Federation Washington Conference

Look for us at this week’s DMA Nonprofit Federation Washington Conference. We’ll be roaming the crowd, wearing our Get Engaged ring.  When you find us, ask us how you can get your own plus how you can get a FREE campaign execution.

Help Our Wounded

Help Our Wounded (HOW) is an organization that helps caregivers of wounded military with the emotional and medical demands of caring for wounded military.  In addtion the organization helps those families navigate the complex and changing world of military resources.   HOW acts as a mentor, support system and knowledgeable resource to caregivers and wounded veterans.  HOW provides… Read more »