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Email Checklists: A good checklist goes a long way in email marketing

Mistakes happen, but they happen a lot less if a good checklist is a part of your process for sending email campaigns. The Engage Group implements a customized checklist for each client’s projects, but here‘s a general version you can start with to build your own pre-send email checklist. Learn more about minimizing direct marketing… Read more »

Free Tech Tools for Year-End Success

Fixing Code + Testing all Browsers + Making it Secure + Testing Responsive Design = Year-End Success With year-end fundraising knocking at the door, it’s important to have a stable website that is secure and works seamlessly across all browsers and platforms. We’ve put together a few tools we use everyday for our clients that… Read more »

What’s the New Google Grant Change? How Does it Affect Nonprofits?

What’s the New Policy Impacting Google Grants? Starting July 13th, Google is enforcing a new rule. Google is no longer allowing nonprofit grantees the option to promote more than one website domain name. Previously, Google allowed nonprofits to advertise multiple domains if all of the domain names fell under the particular nonprofit’s mission umbrella. Soon,… Read more »

“Online Giving: Strategies that Click” Webinar Recap

The Co-founder and Chief Executive of Movember, Adam Garone, and Director of The Idea Lab at Blackbaud, Steve MacLaughlin, hosted The Chronicle of Philanthropy‘s recent webinar, “Online Giving: Strategies that Click”. The conversation started with some online giving statistics: Online giving has grown from 0% to 7% in the past decade $22 billion dollars was… Read more »

How Lucky Are Your Nonprofit’s Online Fundraising Efforts?

While having a little luck o’ the Irish is helpful, effective online fundraising takes a solid plan and integration with all your organization’s communications. There are many different ways to raise funds in the online world. Here are 5 Essentials for a Solid Online Fundraising Program: A fresh website that is easy to navigate, that… Read more »

Does Your Nonprofit Need Help Attracting Board Members?

The professional social networking site, LinkedIn, has just announced a new feature – LinkedIn Board Member Connect for nonprofit organizations – which allows members to deepen relationships and cultivate connections that could potentially become board members for your nonprofit organization. When your nonprofit signs up for LinkedIn Board Member Connect, you’ll receive: Free access to… Read more »

What do the Changes in the Google Grants Program mean to your Nonprofit?

As we all know, Google changes like the weather outside – frequently and sporadically. And this known fact doesn’t make any exceptions for the Google Grant Program for Nonprofits. Starting this past January 28th, Google made two significant changes to their Grants program. The first good change is that the original $1 maximum bid has… Read more »